5th International Workshop on Crystal Growth Technology

June 26 - 30, 2011 Berlin, Germany

We wish to thank the following for their contribution to the success of this conference: European Office of Aerospace Research and Development, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, United States Air Force Research Laboratory (www.london.af.mil).

Final Program

(as of June 15, 2011)

June, 26
14:00 Arrival & Registration
18:00 Get-together
1830 Dinner
Panel discussion: Novel equipments and technologies for bulk crystal growth
Coordinated by the Chairmen D. Bliss, R. Fornari, and K. Kakimoto
  • Frank Bruni, Bruni Consultants, Santa Rosa, CA, USA
  • Ewald Moersen, Crystal Growth Consulting Mainz, Germany
  • Dr. Frank Mosel, PVA TePla AG, Germany
  • Peter Rudolph, PI project "Magnetic fields in melt growth", IKZ Berlin, Germany
  • Lamine Sylla, R&D, Cyberstar, France

June, 27
Session 1 T1: Melt growth technologies for ultra pure and perfect semiconductors, e.g. silicon and germanium, III-V, II-VI
Chairs: B. Depuydt, P. Rudolph
08:40 Opening Ceremony
09:00 M. Neubert, J. Winkler
Model based control of the Czochralski Process
09:55 J.K. Kearns, J.C. Holzer, P.V. Schwartz, D.L. Bender
Continuous CZ technology for electronic and solar silicon production
10:50 Break
11:10 St. Eichler
GaAs Growth and Wafering - State of the Art
12:05 J. Franc, P. Höschl, E. Belas, R. Grill, R. Fesh, Hlidek, P. Moravec
Melt growth and quality assessment of (Cd,Zn)Te for radiation detectors
13:00 Lunch

Session 2

T2: Advances in solution growth
Chairs: D. Bliss, A. Ibanez
14:30 R. Dwilinski, R. Doradzinski, R. Kucharski and M. Zajac
Ammonothermal growth of GaN - principles and applications
15:25 D. Rytz
State-of-the-art nonlinear optical crystals for ultraviolet applications
16:20 Break
16:50 N. Zaitseva, L. Carman, A. Glenn, M. Faust, N. Cherepy, and St. Payne
Rapid solution growth of inorganic and organic crystals
17:45 G. Demazeau
Hydrothermal/Solvothermal crystal growth: an old but adaptable process
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Poster Session 1

June, 28
Session 3 T3: Growth technologies for solar silicon
Chairs: T. Duffar, N. Stoddard
09:00 L. Arnberg, M. Di Sabatino, E. Ovrelid
State-of-the-art growth of silicon for PV applications
09:55 Y. Delannoy
Purification of silicon for photovoltaic applications
10:50 Break
11:10 T. Buonassisi
Crystal Growth Engineering for High-Performance Earth-Abundant Photovoltaic Materials
12:05 C.W. Lan
Grain control during directional solidification of photovoltaic silicon
13:00 Lunch

Session 4

T4: Advances in crystal machining and wafer processing
Chairs: K. Jacobs, U. Juda
14:30 H.J. Möller, C. Funke, S. Retsch, R. Rietzschel, T. Wagner
Challenges of the wire saw wafering process
15:25 A. Gladki, P. Kozlowski, A. Hruban, G. Strzlecka
Chemo-mechanical polishing of III-V semiconductor substrates for epitaxial appli- cations - practical point of view
16:30 Workshop Photo
17:00 Workshop Dinner & Boat Trip

June, 29
Session 5 T5: Crystal growth technologies for crystal fibers and metamaterials
Chairs: R. I. Merino, A. Yoshikawa
09:00 V. Chani
Micro-pulling-down technology and its applications
09:55 V.M. Orera, J.I. Peña, P.B. Oliete, R.I. Merino, A. Larrea
Growth of eutectic ceramic structures by directional solidification methods
10:50 Break
11:10 S. Watauchi, Md.A.R. Sarker, M. Nagao, I. Tanaka, T. Watanabe, I. Shindo
Crystal growth by a modified infrared heating floating zone method
12:05 D.A. Pawlak
Bottom-up approach via micro-pulling down method towards metamaterials
13:00 Lunch

Session 6

T6: Melt growth technologies for dielectric crystals for applications as piezo-devices, scintillators, NLO and lasers
Chairs: A. Gektin, E. Bourret-Couchesne
14:30 M.S. Akselrod, F.J. Bruni
Modern trends in crystal growth and new applications of sapphire
15:25 P.G. Schunemann
Recent Advances in Infrared Nonlinear Optical Crystal Technology
16:20 Break
16:50 E.V. Zharikov
Recent advances in melt crystal growth technology
17:45 B. Chai
Scintillating Crystals for High Performance ToF PET/CT Scanners
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Poster Session 2

June, 30
Session 7 T7: Technologies for growth of bulk wide-bandgap semiconductors
Chairs: J. Friedrich, Z. Sitar
09:00 B. Moody, H.S. Craft, R. Dalmau, R. Schlesser, Z. Sitar
Progress in PVT growth of bulk AlN
09:55 C. Guguschev, J. Wollweber, E. Moukhina, A. Dittmar, K. Böttcher, C. Hartmann, S. Golka and R. Fornari
In-situ investigation of chemical processes during the AlN sublimation
10:50 Break
11:10 Y. Kumagai
Growth of AlN on homo- and hetero-substrates by HVPE
12:05 E. Schmitt, Th. Straubinger, A.-D. Weber, G. Trachta P. Sasahara, S. Storm
SiC bulk substrate development: Recent advances and future aspects
13:00 Closing remarks / End of Workshop
13:15 Lunch
15:00 Visit of the IKZ (optional, please register)